DR Training FAQs
What is Donations Operations Training?  It is the nationally credentialed training course for Adventist Community Services Disaster Response
Why do I need training to help?  More and more people show up at a disaster area and cause more harm than good.   Most disaster sites and organizations now require IDs and credentials, to prove prior training, before allowing volunteers on site. 
Who should attend the training?  Anyone interested in helping others.   When a disaster strikes and you want to go help with the recovery, there is rarely time for proper training.  We recommend that you prepare yourself now so that if the opportunity presents itself you can step up and help those affected by a disaster. 
What does my registration fee cover?  You will receive an official ACS Disaster Response photo credential, a training manual, and lunch.
How often do I have to go through the training?  Each credential lasts for 3 years.
Why do I need to pre-register?  We require you to pre-register so we can guarantee enough materials and food for everyone.  Pre-registration is simple, just click here and fill out the online form.
Why does the training take all day?  National training standards require that each credentialed volunteer have a minimum amount of training hours every three years.  You must attend all sessions on the training day to be eligible for a photo credential.

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